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Remote Target Station

Remote Target Station consists of three target plates from a former military shooting range. A mechanism is attached to the backside of every plate that can strike against the metal with considerable force, therefore audibly simulating bullets hitting the targets.

Link to video on Vimeo
The microcontroller operating the mechanisms comes with three modes of operation:

1) A pre-programmed training routine recorded at a Bundeswehr shooting range can be replicated.

2) The mechanisms are activated in a semi-random way, simulating realistic fire bursts by infantry weapons.

3) A mobile phone can be connected to the device. By calling another phone located at a shooting range, the noise of a shot during an exercise is replicated by the installation.

Despite lengthy research it is not entirely clear whether the plates are actual targets or were only hit by accident during their service life.

2021, aluminium plates, various bullet residue, custom plastic components, custom electronics, solenoids. 60 x 100 cm each.