There are some very impressive devices out there to create cool glitch art with analog video. I took the schematics of one of my favourite projects, the AVE MOD V2, and added self-made vactrols and a Sparkfun Pro Micro to control the device via USB MIDI. This does not only introduce saveable presets, but also allows for beat-synced analog video projections when performing live music with Ableton Live or similar software.
Like the AVE MOD 2, this distortion device is based on the schematic of the vintage Archer video enhancer.

Here are some stills and GIFs of the device in action. I captured them by recording the PHOSPHOR’s video output on a VHS tape, playing it in slow motion on a Sony Wega rear-projection CRT and capturing that with a DSLR (swipe sideways):

Hardware and software source files are available on