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More space-related 3d renderings made with Blender. These illustrations are published under a Creative Commons Attribution Share-alike license (CC BY-SA 4.0), so (I hope) they can be used on Wikipedia if anybody thinks they would be helpful.
Click on an image for a high-res version without watermark for that purpose.
A deactivated planetary lander is slowly buried in sand after exploring a foggy exoplanet. Inspirations were drawn from several existing Mars landers.
Concept of a fictional OTRAG offshore launch platform. OTRAG was a private German company trying to provide cheap launch capability by assembling multi-stage rockets from up to dozens of mass-produced smaller ones. Its eventful, unusual and also dubious history is definitely an interesting read. I am not affiliated with the company.
A soviet Luna lander approaches the moon surface in 1970.
The Soviet Vega probes dropped landers on Venus in 1985. Both carried a depicted balloon to explore its atmosphere. They provided valuable scientific data during their short and wild journey through the stormy and acidic venusian cloud layers.

A fictional nuclear-powered spaceship passes Saturn.

Release of a satellite