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Eclipse is a space-filling kinetic installation consisting of a wall-mounted illuminated sun disk and a robotic shade that moves to constantly obscure the light for observers.

A camera mounted in the center of the sun disk determines the position of visitors in the exhibition space through the use of face recognition technology. A shade hung from a robotic gantry crane processes the coordinates from the camera to hide the light disk from the visitors by positioning itself in their visual axis. The contraption can easily be overwhelmed in case a visitor changes position quickly or more observers enter the room. In this case the robot tries to obstruct every subject equally, ultimately failing in the process.

The work prompts associations to technology’s doubtful promise of salvation in our age of self-inflicted human imperilment.

Concept 2021
Art on demand: This is a rendered concept. If you are interested in exhibiting or supporting this project, please do not hesitate to get in contact.
Acrylic, LEDs, aluminium profiles, electronics
Dimensions variable, crane measures 4m in width.