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A set of handguns for the digital realm.
The flight case accompanying the weapons acts as an interface between the physical and digital by connecting the tangible wifi-compatible guns to a personal computer. It stores passwords for social media accounts of the gunmen and/or other participants. Therefore, pulling a trigger ends a digital presence by deleting the associated accounts.
In theory, the kit allows for settling online arguments by a duel to the deletion, augmented-reality-assassinations or ending one’s cyber-existence in an instant.

After online services for deleting accounts were forcibly shut down by social media platforms, having the device emulate a mouse and a keyboard and manually execute the deletion procedure (depicted below) is the only way left. After it became clear that Facebook lets its users reverse the process up to 30 days after their deletion, the project was abandoned. The end of the digital existence is not quick and painless, but a long month of silently wasting away.

Inspired by the piece Negotiation by Nora Taake.