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BLACKMARBLE is an 8-bit videosynthesizer for the Eurorack system based on Arduino Due. It makes use of the DueVGA library for easy programming of visual patches in the Arduino programming language. Five potentiometers and four control voltage inputs are available for modifying predefined parameters. Toggle switches can be used to further control the software or to switch between voltage control, manual control using potentiometers, audio reactivity using an audio input or combinations of all options for controlling patches.
The module is fully compatible with the Eurorack standard, but standalone operation is also possible. BLACKMARBLE outputs analog video for easy processing and is made to be used with old CRT TVs, but works with any device accepting analog video.

I chose to design the front panel as another printed circuit board since it is a very cost-effective solution and provides interesting design opportunities using the silkscreen and soldermask layers.

Below some screencaps of the BLACKMARBLE in action. Captured from a CRT without any post processing.