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American Conquest is a video installation consisting of three monitors arranged in a triangle, pointing outwards. The monitors depict a scenery from the real-time strategy game American Conquest – Fight Back, which revolves around the conquest and defense of the new world.
Characters leaving the right frame of a monitor enter the next monitor’s image on its left side, making the environment non-euclidean and infinite in its horizontal dimension.

The following sequence repeats indefinitely: 1) Peasants emerge from a residential building and enter a fortress. 2) The peasants are trained and equipped as soldiers and assume a formation on the left side of the fortress. 3) An identical formation on the right side of the fortress marches towards the new formation and is annihilated in battle. 4) The victorious formation marches to the former position of its predecessor.

American Conquest, 2020
Computer monitors, computer, ca. 40x40x40cm,
adaptable to other monitor types.